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We are dedicated to sports chiropractic and focus treatment on the performance needs of our athletes as well as the prevention of sports-related injuries. Whether you are a professional, recreational or scholastic athlete, our approach to sports chiropractic rehabilitation services is simple: personalized care with exceptional outcomes.

Focus on your Rehabilitation

Have you been injured playing a sport? We treat patients who suffer from chronic, acute, and disabling pain. At Superior Chiropractic in Tucson our Sports injury program is built around our experience with dealing with the various injuries associated with the rigors of high intensity and explosive movements. We keep our patients healthy by providing extensive diagnostic and therapeutic services.

Sport Chiropractic Services

We are highly experienced in the treatment of sports injuries and carry out a thorough assessment, treatment and rehabilitation. What this means to the athlete is that you can be assured that your injuries will be treated in the most professional means possible. Our goal is to get the athlete completely healthy and back to activity as quickly as possible.

For complaints including:
  Overuse injuries
  Muscle, tendon and ligament sprains and strains
  Back and neck injuries
  Shoulder injuries, tennis/golfer elbow, hand and wrist pain 

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